Putin challenger submits 105,000 signatures backing his election campaign

Presidential hopeful Boris Nadezhdin should, in theory, be permitted on the ballot in March.

France's Macron: 'Whatever America decides,' Europe must back Ukraine

"We must be ready to act to defend and support Ukraine whatever it takes," the French president said.

There are more Russian spies in EU Parliament, Latvian lawmakers say

“We are convinced that Ždanoka is not an isolated case,” three MEPs wrote in letter about espionage obtained by Brussels Playbook.

Europe's true beliefs on Ukraine are put to the test

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Opinion | This Is the World If Ukraine Loses

Many Ukrainians will fight. Westerners learned on Feb. 24, 2022, that Ukrainians will risk their lives to remain free. Hundreds of thousands of battle-hardened women and men will be ready to take up a guerilla fight. They are inventive, with many highly educated engineers, inventors, IT specialists. If Russia counters with ever more brutal repression, this will trigger ever more severe guerilla fighting and more refugees.

Russia’ wasted years under Vladimir Putin’s leadership – from the Kursk disaster to Prigozhin’s march on Moscow

University of Birmingham op-ed

Unfortunately, for the Russian people, Vladimir Putin is a fundamentally flawed leader.

  • John R. Bryson, Professor of Enterprise and Economic Geography - University of Birmingham

Has Ukraine’s counteroffensive finally begun?

The last two days have seen growing signs Ukraine is redoubling its efforts to drive out Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Dam sabotage creates Ukraine's worst environmental disaster 'since Chernobyl'

KYIV — Worries about a massive environmental disaster in Ukraine have long focused on the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. But people were looking in the wrong place.

Russia 'evacuates' area around major nuclear plant in Ukraine

Hundreds of civilians on Sunday fled Ukrainian territories under Russian control as part of an “evacuation” ahead of what’s feared to be intense fighting around an area home to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

Russia hits Ukraine with huge barrage of Iranian-made drones

Russia hammered Ukraine with a new barrage of missiles and drones in the early hours of Monday morning, as Moscow gears up to celebrate victory over the Nazis in World War II.

Spy hunt or witch hunt? Ukrainians fear the two are merging

KYIV — From the glass cage in a Kyiv courtroom, Roman Dudin professed his innocence loudly.

Get out of Russia while you still can, ex-oligarch warns Western energy giants

A new law that allows Russia to seize foreign-owned energy assets should be a final warning to Western firms to cut their losses and leave the market for good, one of the country’s most prominent exiled businessmen has cautioned.

European Union looks to dedicate €1 billion to howitzer shells for Ukraine

BRUSSELS — In a new blueprint for military support to Ukraine, the European Union will propose that €1 billion should be specifically dedicated to ammunition, particularly 155mm artillery shells, according to a document seen by POLITICO.

Ukraine’s Drone Academy is in session

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Western firms say they’re quitting Russia. Where’s the proof?

BERLIN — In an earlier life as a reporter in Moscow, I once knocked on the door of an apartment listed as the home address of the boss of company that, our year-long investigation showed, was involved in an elaborate scheme to siphon billions of dollars out of Russia’s state railways through rigged tenders.

Russian nuclear fuel: The habit Europe just can't break

Europe is on track to kick its addiction to Russian fossil fuels, but can't seem to replicate that success with nuclear energy a year into the Ukraine war.

Putin accuses NATO of participating in Ukraine conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday accused NATO of actively participating in the war in Ukraine and working to dissolve his country.

You ain’t no middleman: EU and NATO slam China’s bid to be a Ukraine peacemaker

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365 days of war in Ukraine — by the numbers

Russia's year-long war in Ukraine has led to thousands of casualties, millions of refugees and billions of dollars in damages to the country’s economy, environment and infrastructure.

Russians hunting property in Finland hit a new wall of suspicion

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