European Union looks to dedicate €1 billion to howitzer shells for Ukraine

BRUSSELS — In a new blueprint for military support to Ukraine, the European Union will propose that €1 billion should be specifically dedicated to ammunition, particularly 155mm artillery shells, according to a document seen by POLITICO.

Ukraine’s Drone Academy is in session

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Western firms say they’re quitting Russia. Where’s the proof?

BERLIN — In an earlier life as a reporter in Moscow, I once knocked on the door of an apartment listed as the home address of the boss of company that, our year-long investigation showed, was involved in an elaborate scheme to siphon billions of dollars out of Russia’s state railways through rigged tenders.

Russian nuclear fuel: The habit Europe just can't break

Europe is on track to kick its addiction to Russian fossil fuels, but can't seem to replicate that success with nuclear energy a year into the Ukraine war.

Putin accuses NATO of participating in Ukraine conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday accused NATO of actively participating in the war in Ukraine and working to dissolve his country.

You ain’t no middleman: EU and NATO slam China’s bid to be a Ukraine peacemaker

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365 days of war in Ukraine — by the numbers

Russia's year-long war in Ukraine has led to thousands of casualties, millions of refugees and billions of dollars in damages to the country’s economy, environment and infrastructure.

Russians hunting property in Finland hit a new wall of suspicion

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Europe's uphill battle to confiscate Russian assets

The European Commission is exploring legal options to confiscate Russian state and private assets as a way to pay for Ukraine's reconstruction, according to a document seen by POLITICO.

President of largest rail union predicts congressional intervention after ‘no’ vote

“Something’s gotta happen by then, otherwise we’ll all walk,” Ferguson said.

Sweden and Denmark say Nord Stream pipeline blasts were deliberate attacks

Sweden and Denmark on Tuesday said blasts on two Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea were acts of sabotage, although neither country was ready to identify the culprit.

Moscow claims Odesa missile strikes hit military targets

Ukraine's neighbor worried about Russian invasion

Moldova’s prime minister said in an interview that aired Sunday that her nation fears an invasion by Russia in the wake of its invasion of their mutual neighbor Ukraine.

Inside the Pentagon slugfest over the future of the fleet

At issue, according to six people with knowledge of internal discussions, is the desired number of amphibious warships, which carry Marines and can launch warplanes and landing craft.

The War Will End Next Year with the Exit to Our Borders

An interview with Major General Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, was published by RBK-Ukraine agency.

Occupied Kherson Stores Introduce 'Natural Exchange' of Goods

Problems in the financial sector of the temporarily occupied Kherson have led to the return of 'exchange in kind' in local stores. That is, goods are sold in exchange for other goods. In this case, the seller each time separately agrees with the buyer on the exchange rate. Numerous cases of 'food loans' are recorded, when sellers in grocery or hardware stores sell goods on credit at 10-20%.

The operational update regarding the Russian invasion on July 07, 2022

The one hundred thirty fourth (134) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

A Ukrainian flag is installed on Zmiiny Island

The military operation has been completed. Zmiiny Island is officially returned to the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

The operational update regarding the Russian invasion on June 28, 2022

The one hundred twenty fifth (125) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.

russia increases its military presence in Belarus

The leadership of institutions and organizations in Gomel region were warned of the possible return of russian military units. At the same time, russians are planning to increase operational and tactical aviation numbers within the territory of Belarus. The formal reason is to carry out joint air patrol missions on the base of the joint combat training center of aviation and anti-aircraft defence units. For this purpose, ten aircrafts are expected to fly to the Baranovychi airfield.