Volunteers handed over new Fiat pickups to the hunting team

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Volunteers handed over new Fiat pickups to the hunting team

The military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received a batch of new vehicles from volunteers.

Defenders received new pickups from the Italian car manufacturer Fiat. The International Charitable Foundation "Come Back Alive" bought the vehicles.

A dozen cars worth almost 6 million 813 thousand hryvnias were handed over for the needs of a separate hunting brigade of the Reserve Corps.

This is the first part of a large-scale consignment of SUVs for the needs of the Corps, which volunteers recruit combat units that have deployed since the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia.

"Today, cars are in great demand among the military, and we understand that we pay special attention to the purchase of cars, focusing on the quality of vehicles and supplies that can give maximum results," - said in the fund.

The Reserve Corps is a military unit within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, consisting of personnel units. This is a strategic reserve of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to, volunteers from the Return Alive Foundation also handed over 1,010 means of protection and equipment to the defenders of Ukraine.

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