The Ukrainian servicemen received Pinzgauer armored vehicles

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The Defense Forces of Ukraine received another type of armored vehicles. This regards to Pinzgauer vehicles.

Armoured vehicles were handed over to the servicemen by an anonymous philanthropist who is also serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The relevant statement was made by the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The released photos show at least 8 units of equipment.

“All my help to the Ukrainian army is anonymous, so that no one knows my name or sees my face. I do my job, what I have to do at this time. I will be where my help is needed the most. I know and understand all the needs. After the victory, I will definitely reveal myself, ” a serviceman with the call sign “Hora” commented on the transfer of equipment.

It is noted that before the war the anonymous philanthropist was a successful businessman, and now he is a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Yesterday in the UK, and today – at the frontline,” a statement reads.

It is noted that two armoured vehicles are already serving with the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the rest were sent to other troops.

Pinzgauer is a multi-role universal vehicle manufactured by BAE Systems Land Systems. They can be used both for the transportation of personnel and for medical purposes, or for the transportation of ammunition. Pinzgauer is equipped with additional modular armor. The machine provides protection against small arms fire, artillery shells and explosions.

Ukraine’s defense forces are actively using vehicles to oppose the enemy. It allows faster maneuvering on the battlefield and ensures the mobility of Ukrainian troops.

As previously reported, some Ukrainian divisions started to apply multiple rocket launchers mounted on the chassis of the pickup.

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