Occupied Kherson Stores Introduce 'Natural Exchange' of Goods

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Problems in the financial sector of the temporarily occupied Kherson have led to the return of 'exchange in kind' in local stores. That is, goods are sold in exchange for other goods. In this case, the seller each time separately agrees with the buyer on the exchange rate. Numerous cases of 'food loans' are recorded, when sellers in grocery or hardware stores sell goods on credit at 10-20%.

Also in Kherson, cases of kidnapping of former heads of communal institutions and organizations, middle managers (heads of departments and directors of departments) of local executive authorities have become more frequent. This is due to the attempts of the so-called administration to 'persuade' them to cooperate with the invaders, to return to the workplace and resume the work of the relevant organization or service.

In addition, the invaders took out about 20 boxes of materials about the electorate living in Kherson from institutions that kept records of voters. This is associated with another attempt to hold the so-called 'referendum'. According to the new orders, it can take place in the first half of September.

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